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Why Stainless Steel Crowns
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While the baby teeth are only temporary, they play an important role in little mouths. Keeping these teeth healthy is essential for ensuring that they stay in place until they are ready to fall out on their own.

However, children tend to be more prone to cavities than adults. Most cavities can be treated with fillings. If a tooth is significantly decayed, a filling may not provide the protection that the affected tooth needs.

In some cases, a tooth may become damaged, and its integrity compromised. At Douglas L. Park, DDS, Pediatric Dentistry, we can help to protect severely decayed or damaged teeth with stainless steel crowns.

The Importance of Baby Teeth

One might ask the question, are baby teeth really that important. It is a common misconception that the baby teeth are not important because they eventually fall out and are replaced by adult teeth.

This can cause issues such as cavities or tooth damage to go untreated. The truth, however, is that baby teeth matter. The baby's first teeth are especially important.
•  They allow your child to bite and chew their food. This can also play a role in good overall nutrition.
•  They enable proper speech development.
•  They provide your child with a beautiful, confident smile.
•  They act as space holders, maintaining the space for the adult teeth to erupt into proper alignment.

What is a Stainless Steel Crown?

Aside from being smaller than adult teeth, the baby teeth are a bit different structurally. The enamel layer is thinner, and the pulp, which contains blood vessels and nerves, is larger. This pulp is also closer to the surface. When a cavity or damage to the tooth occurs, bacteria can more easily get inside and cause an infection.

While fillings can be effective for small cavities, more extensive decay as well as tooth damage requires stronger treatment.

A stainless steel crown is essentially a cap that covers the entire visible portion of the affected tooth, sealing out bacteria and preventing further harm.

It is placed after the tooth has received treatment to eliminate decay and bacteria or after a tooth has undergone pulpal therapy. Once the tooth has been treated, the prefabricated crown is cemented into place it.

Benefits of a Stainless Steel Crown

There are several benefits to a stainless steel crown.
•  Covers over the entire tooth.
•  Better protection for teeth than an amalgam filling, particularly for younger children.
•  Very little tooth sensitivity.
•  It is less likely that the tooth will need retreatment.
•  The material is very durable.
•  It can be used to anchor a space maintainer into place.
•  Stainless steel is an affordable option for protecting teeth.

Keeping Baby Teeth Healthy

While decay and damage do occur, you can help your child to keep their teeth healthy. Work with them to ensure that their teeth are thoroughly brushed and flossed daily. Do not let your child sleep with a bottle of milk or juice. For children over the age of 3, you can begin using a fluoridated toothpaste, which can help to strengthen their tooth enamel. It is also important that your child has regular dental cleanings and exams.

If your child has experienced significant tooth decay or other tooth damage in a baby tooth, it is still important for the tooth to be treated. Contact Douglas L. Park, DDS, Pediatric Dentistry to schedule a consultation for your child today at (503) 663-8141.
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